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ГДЗ по грамматике Голицынский 6 издание

He was reading, I came. My sister is at work. I have a sister. In the morning Swift asked the servant why he had not cleaned the boots. I opened, my friends were sitting.

Английский язык. Грамматика. Сборник упражнений

At last the boys got so wild with hunger that one boy said he was afraid he would some night eat the boy who slept next to him.

Where will your mother go. Open the window, please.

Не остались без внимания и инфинитивы, причастия и герундии. They came to a very large hotel and took a room there.

Ireland, Scotland and Wales are parts of the United Kingdom. As the office is far from the house I live in, I take a bus to get there.

He is a wonderful teacher. This is a nice place.

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